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Based on research, backed by science, David JP Phillips takes you on a biological and neurological journey that most people never knew existed. Tools that will be able to supercharge your brain and give you extraordinary powers. Imagine being limitless, achieving all your dreams. Whether it's becoming a powerful leader, a Hollywood actor, a world-famous public speaker, or a brilliant salesperson. You name it.

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6 Reasons This is For You


This course is based on Science and backed by research. David JP Phillips takes you on a biological and neurological journey that will help you in self transformation.


By the time you finish taking this course, you will experience a POWERFUL self transformation. Signup today and take charge of your life right now.

Rewire Your Neurological Pathways

Due to a beautiful brain mechanism called neuroplasticity, you can rewrite your reactions, behaviors, and beliefs – as long as you understand the basics of neurology.

Destroy Negative Thoughts

Learn how to rewire negative thought patterns inside your head. Destroy the fear of failures and fear of the unknown. Become the most positive version of yourself.


Are you a manager or a company owner who wants to reduce the rates of sick leaves in your organization? At the same time, would you also like to boost employee productivity and team spirit? Then allow your employees the opportunity to truly develop their self-leadership through this course.


Based on research, backed by Science, David JP Phillips takes you on a biological and neurological journey to supercharge your brain and give you extraordinary powers. Imagine being able to reprogram your brain and become the MOST POWERFUL version of your self.

17 Videos Inside The WOW Self Leadership Subject

17 Chapters, unique instructional videos, interactions, exercises and 1 Diploma

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is Self Leadership?

Self leadership is learning how to optimize your own thoughts and internal language so you can be yourself in any situation. For instance, turning your debilitating nervousness into powerful focus on stage. Self leadership is often referred to as "internal communication" or "communication with the self".

How will the "WOW Self Leadership" subject help me?

The "WOW Self Leadership" subject will teach you secret techniques to rewire your neurological pathways and how to control your emotions. You will also learn how to make smarter decisions. Learn how to destroy your negative thought patterns.

This material is based on Science and backed by research. In this course, David Phillips will take you on a biological and neurological journey that will help you in your journey of self transformation.

What is included in the "WOW Self Leadership" subject?

The "WOW Self Leadership" subject includes 23 Unique videos, 15 Interactions, 17 Chapters, and 1 Diploma. It is a powerful development subject that will shift the way that you navigate your life.

Will I receive certification for taking this subject?

Yes, you earn a certification for every subject you complete. You can use this certificate to boost your CV and get your DREAM job.
This is subject to passing the final quiz, under each course.

Which format do your subjects offer?

All subjects within the HeadGain Academy offer short manageable video instruction, theory, academic resources, and exercises, which allow you to move through each lesson easily.

How long do I have, in order to complete subjects?

Each subject has a recommended time frame, however, each individual is on their own journey. You can move through the subject at your own pace and decide for yourself. The only limitation is how long your license is valid.

What happens when I have worked through all the chapters in a subject?

The system will monitor your progress and once each chapter has been completed, you will unlock the final quiz. If you pass the final quiz with 80% or more, you will receive a certificate confirming your hard work and competency, which you can include in your CV.

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