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This powerful subject has been developed, based on the famous TEDx, delivered by David JP Phillips in 2015, which has been viewed over 3 million times.
Now you can also learn about the magic of storytelling, because you are a storyteller - we all are. Mental narratives about yourself and your actions are being created in your head as you read this text, and therein lies your power. In this course, David JP Phillips explores the influence of stories by unpacking the various signalling substances that trigger emotion and how to impact your audience through the stories you tell.

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6 Reasons This is For You


This course is based on Science and backed by research. David JP Phillips takes you on a biological and neurological journey that will help you to understand the true origins and impact that stories have on the human brain.


By the time you finish taking this course, you will experience a POWERFUL self transformation. Your awareness of how you engage and tell stories will be activated and you will understand what it means to truly captivate your audience.


Discover the "magic" in the Magical Science of Storytelling. Learn about the six core signalling substances that directly influence emotions when engaging with stories and shift the way you tell your stories forever.


Everyone is a storyteller, and in a world where incorporating meaningful narratives is what sets you apart from everyone else, storytelling has become the one skill that everyone needs to learn. Everywhere you go, narratives are being transformed into powerful stories that impact and influence.


Create connection through the amazing art of story-selling. Learn how stories can add value to your product or service and transform the way you do business. Discover that by following a key set of principles within story-selling you can get your audience invested.


Influence is powerful because it means that you are relatable. When your audience is able to relate to the stories that you tell, it creates a strong connection and connection is key if you want to succeed. Learning to tell your stories will transform how you engage with others and lay the foundation for you to become truly influential.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is the Magical Science of Storytelling subject going to teach me?

In this subject, you will discover the power of stories and learn to develop your own, through an awareness of your brain, neurotransmitters, and understanding elements of structure, delivery, and story-selling.

What are the benefits of being able to tell stories?

Storytelling is a powerful skill that can elevate your overall communication. Many believe that telling stories can only be used In social situations, however, it is the ONE skill that feeds personal branding, sales and elevates public speaking. The ability to tell stories allows you to connect with your audience, irrespective of the context.

Will I receive certification for taking this subject?

Yes, you earn a certification for every subject you complete. You can use this certificate to boost your CV and get your DREAM job.
This is subject to passing the final quiz, under each course.

Which format do your subjects offer?

All subjects within the HeadGain Academy offer short manageable video instruction, theory, academic resources, and exercises, which allow you to move through each lesson easily.

How long do I have, in order to complete subjects?

Each subject has a recommended time frame, however, each individual is on their own journey. You can move through the subject at your own pace and decide for yourself. The only limitation is how long your license is valid.

What happens when I have worked through all the chapters in a subject?

The system will monitor your progress and once each chapter has been completed, you will unlock the final quiz. If you pass the final quiz with 80% or more, you will receive a certificate confirming your hard work and competency, which you can include in your CV.

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