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What is the 110 STEPS of Communication?
Based on research conducted on 5000 personalities, speakers and excellent communicators, David JP Phillips spent 7 years studying, dissecting and understanding the essence of what makes an excellent communicator. From this research he distilled 110 core skills that you can learn and master, in order to overcome all your communication problems.
Imagine you could understand the fundamental building blocks that make up your communication. Imagine you could overcome your nervousness, stage fright and skillfully execute your communication skills through presence and a range of magnificent skills.

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become a
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Public speaking is an amazing, empowering and highly influential position which requires dynamic skills. For many, public speaking is out of reach because they believe that they do not have what it takes. Well, with the 110 STEPS of Communication, anyone can master the art of communication and begin to harness the art of public speaking.

by research

David JP Phillips spent 7 years studying 5000 of the most prominent speakers and communicators in the world. In this course he takes you through the 110 STEPS of Communication, helping you to transform your communication skills and change your life forever.


Expression allows for engagement with your audience and engagement with yourself. The step-by-step nature of this course allows you to tune into your true expression and guides you into becoming more present and authentic as a speaker and an individual.


Learn how to master the various areas of communication seamlessly, by developing your skills in voice, body language, language and ultimate skills. The 110 STEPS also explores areas of nervousness to achieve true awareness. Mastering these skills will elevate your presence and set you apart from the rest.


The 110 STEPS will allow you to get down to the core of how you communicate and help you to overcome your speaking anxiety and major problems related to nervousness. The first 6 skills within the model takes you through the core areas of nervousness.

personal growth
and development

Communication feeds every aspect of your life and this course will help you to get down to the absolute root of how you navigate your personal and professional relationships. Allowing you to tap into your internal awareness of your communication.

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110 Chapters, exercises, mini-quizzes and 1 Diploma

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is the 110 STEPS™ of Communication?

It is the most insightful and powerful resource available, in order to develop and refine your personal communication. It has been developed by David JP Phillips who spent 7 years studying 5000 Speakers. From this research, he discovered 110 core skills that everyone should learn in order to master communication.

Who will benefit from the 110 STEPS™?

The 110 STEPS™ course is the perfect course for anyone who wants to develop their communication overall. This makes it suitable for public speakers, presenters, business leaders, students, actors, and even teachers. The entire module consists of 110 Core skills that will elevate your communication. It can be learnt according to four core sections:

Body language
Ultimate skills

Do you offer personalised coaching in the 110 STEPS™?

Yes, however, this service is separate from the actual online course. We offer one-on-one analysis and training with an accredited 110 STEPS™ coach, who will analyze your skills and guide you into growing as a speaker. For more information please click here: https://www.davidjpphillips.com/110-steps-analysis/

Is it possible to purchase only one section within the 110 STEPS™?

Yes, you can purchase the following sections within the 110 STEPS™ individually:

Body Language
Ultimate skills

Will I receive certification for taking this subject?

Yes, you earn a certification for every subject you complete. You can use this certificate to boost your CV and get your DREAM job.
This is subject to passing the final quiz, under each course.

Which format do your subjects offer?

All subjects within the HeadGain Academy offer short manageable video instruction, theory, academic resources, and exercises, which allow you to move through each lesson easily.

How long do I have, in order to complete subjects?

Each subject has a recommended time frame, however, each individual is on their own journey. You can move through the subject at your own pace and decide for yourself. The only limitation is how long your license is valid.

What happens when I have worked through all the chapters in a subject?

The system will monitor your progress and once each chapter has been completed, you will unlock the final quiz. If you pass the final quiz with 80% or more, you will receive a certificate confirming your hard work and competency, which you can include in your CV.

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