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In an ever-changing world, where demands are great and finding new ways to get things done is key, David JP Phillips has developed the Walnut Method - a self development course that teaches you how to manage your time, work smarter, find joy again and ultimately glide through those tasks that are overwhelming you.
Because TIME Is Your Most Valuable Asset

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6 Reasons This is For You


Save time. Optimize YOUR time. CREATE more time.


Understand your brain, harness your cortex and gain immense willpower.

Get back to basics

Learn the secrets to maximizing sleep, optimizing nutrition and developing a structure that suits your life.

take control of your life

Be in complete control of your state, understand your emotions and harness your instincts.

discover your potential

Gain clarity in your life and discover new techniques that can assist you in being more productive, content and happy.


Achieve your goals and become the person you always knew you can be.

13 Chapters Inside The Walnut Method Course

23 Unique instructional Videos delivered by David JP Phillips,

Exercises to keep you engaged, 13 Chapters, and 1 Diploma


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read the commonly asked questions below

What is the Walnut Method?

A self-development course that focuses on time management and efficiency.

Why is it called the Walnut Method?

The name originates from the idea that crows would often crack open walnuts by flying high up into the sky, dropping them to the ground, and waiting for cars to drive over them. This would then allow them to ACCESS and eat the delicious nut inside the very hard shell. Talk about time optimization!

Who would benefit from the Walnut Method?

The short answer is... EVERYONE.
The benefits of this course extend across time management, self-leadership and self-awareness. It is suitable for everyone, whether you are a student, professional, stay-at-home mother, or just someone who has been struggling to get things done.

Will I receive certification for taking this course?

Yes, you earn a certification for every course you complete. You can use this certificate to boost your CV and get your DREAM job.
This is subject to passing the final quiz, under each course.

Which format do your classes offer?

All courses within the HeadGain Academy offer short manageable video instruction, theory, academic resources, and exercises, which allow you to move through each lesson easily.

How long do I have, in order to complete courses?

Each course has a recommended time frame, however, each individual is on their own journey. You can move through the course at your own pace and decide for yourself. The only limitation is how long your license is valid.

What happens when I have worked through all the chapters in a course?

The system will monitor your progress and once each chapter has been completed, you will unlock the final quiz. If you pass the final quiz with 80% or more, you will receive a certificate confirming your hard work and competency, which you can include in your CV.

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