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110 STEPS of communication accreditation

The 110 Steps Accreditation, offers you the opportunity to be graded as a speaker according to the 110 STEPS analysis. The 110 STEPS accreditation allows you to develop your communication skills even further by learning with a certified 110 STEPS coach. The trained coach is authorised to evaluate your competency and will guide you through the 110 STEPS system based on your strengths and potential development.

Become certified as a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Legendary Speaker and earn the certification to prove it. Quality assured with one-on-one feedback via an integrated dashboard, the 110 STEPS ANALYSIS helps you to grow as a speaker and truly master your skills, ONE STEP AT A TIME!

How Does The 110Steps Analysis Work?

Step 1: Record Yourself Delivering An 18 Minute Presentation

Step 2: Upload Your Recorded Presentation On The Analysis Dashboard

Step 3: Your Coach Will Analyse And Score Your Presentation

Step 4: You Will Receive Your Analysis Score, Feedback And Areas To Improve On

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1 Analysis Is Included In The Following:

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