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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Who is David JP Phillips?

David JP Phillips is an expert in the field of COMMUNICATION and has created the HEADGAIN ACADEMY in order to provide the most comprehensive online resource for communication training so that everyone can learn this incredible skill. From a very young age, David has loved the human brain and has combined this with his passion for communication training to develop courses that take a different approach to how we develop our skills in communication.

David has done incredible research in communication, spending 7 years studying 5000 of the most prominent speakers and personalities in the world. From this study, he was able to distill 110 skills that need to be studied in order to master communication. This has transformed his approach and allowed him to develop courses that allow for the intricate development of communication skills for individuals in different fields.

He has achieved several accolades throughout the years and has recently been rated 8th in COMMUNICATION worldwide, by the Global Gurus organization. He is best known for his TEDx talks on the Magical Science of Storytelling, Death by PowerPoint, and the 110 STEPS of Communication.

What is the HeadGain Academy?

The HeadGain Academy (previously called HeadGainniversity) is an online learning platform designed by communication expert David JP Phillips. It focuses on various themes within communication such as Public Speaking, Self Leadership, Presentation, and core communication skills.

Which courses are offered under the HEADGAIN Academy?

The HeadGain Academy online platform currently houses 7 core courses that focus on varied themes of personal development, presentation skills and personal communication:

- The Walnut Method
Time management and productivity.

- The WOW Self-Leadership Course
Personal development in self-Leadership

- How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint
Master the art of creating and presenting powerful PowerPoint presentations.

- How to Avoid Death by Video Conference
Videoconferencing guidelines and etiquette

- Digital Presentation Skills
Develop your online presence and learn all about the digital presentation platform.

- The Magical Science of Storytelling
Tell stories that influence and impact your audience.

- 110 STEPS of Communication
The building blocks of communication, helping you become an excellent communicator.

I'm only interested in one of your courses. Can I purchase courses individually?

Yes, you can purchase each course individually by accessing the relevant link on the course page.

I want to be a public speaker. Which courses do you recommend?

The best course for public speaking would be the entre HeadGain MATRIX.

However, if you wish to start with one course, we recommend:

110 STEPS™ of Communication - Takes you through the building blocks of your communication and helps you to refine your skills by focussing on nervousness, voice, body language, language, and ultimate skills.

The Magical Science of Storytelling - The ability to tell stories as a public speaker is imperative.

Digital Presentation Skills - In the current climate, learning how to present online is important if you want to thrive.

How can I find out what other users are saying about this platform?

We have a dedicated testimonials page, which provides feedback from users all over the globe, who have engaged with the courses.
To see what others are saying, click here:

How do I gain certification from the HEADGAIN courses?

Certification is granted once you have completed the final quiz at the end of each course.

WHO is HeadGain Academy for?

HeadGain is for all individuals and companies who are passionate about communication. If you wish to become a better leader, speaker, TED speaker, CEO, CMO, salesperson, or simply a better human being, then this platform is for YOU!

What does a monthly subscription allow?

A monthly subscription allows full access to the entire HeadGain matrix on a month-to-month basis.

What does an annual membership at HeadGain offer?

With an annual membership to HEADGAIN Academy, you will have access to all courses within the HeadGain Matrix for a period of 1 year. This will allow you to work through several courses based on your own developmental goals.

Why should I purchase a Lifetime License?

Lifetime access to the HEADGAIN MATRIX means that you will always be able to access the various resources within the platform. This is especially beneficial for the 110 STEPS™ of Communication and the JP Spicerack, which offers a library of resources in presentation and communication.

How many courses can I access with the annual membership?

You will gain access to all the courses within the HeadGain Matrix. No limit.

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